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About Indulge Snacks

Introduce your palate to something wonderful.

At Indulge Snacks, we take pride in offering premium quality snacks made from simple and wholesome ingredients. We scout the country curating fine food items and ingredients. We package beautifully. And offer to you incredible snacks at affordable prices. Unlike the typical snack food vendor, we fuss over things like artificial flavors and colors, pesticides, chemicals, and other non-essential and harmful additives to present products that we feel confident letting our kids, family, and friends eat.

Our Gummy Teddies, for instance, are made from real fruit juice and contain no artificial colors. You'll notice they're not as vibrantly colored as other similar products in stores. But the flavor and texture is all there, minus the fake color.

Our all natural artisan Potato Chips are cooked kettle style, made from simple ingredients: potato, oil, and sea salt. That's it! They're fresh, tasty, and made the old fashioned way in small batches. In fact, most of our salty snacks are seasoned with unrefined sea salt -- which is better for flavor and your health than refined table salt.

The entire line of Indulge Exceptional Brews gourmet coffee is 100% organic coffee. It's MOSA certified, which is a more rigorous organic certification than USDA organic. We could have gone an easier route with a lower organic certification, but that doesn't fit our company values. Even our decaffeinated organic coffee is naturally decaffeinated. Meaning, we don't use chemicals to strip away the caffeine molecules from the beans. All our organic coffee beans are roasted in small batches, packed by hand, and delivered to customers less than 7 days from roasting.

We love to offer treats that are unique, that you can't find elsewhere. Our artisan Belgian chocolate bar with sea salt caramel or chocolate covered Door County Wisconsin cherries are examples. But even the familiar treats we offer, like Peanut M&Ms, are packaged beautifully so you can present them in a very special way.

As you shop our online store, you'll notice that you can buy products individually -- or assembled into a Gift Basket. Our gourmet snacks make a fantastic gift idea for special occasions, corporate gifts, holidays, party favors, classy table treats, and sweet gestures to friends and family. We hope that you enjoy our online store with an ever expanding selection of fine snacks, organic coffee, gift baskets, and much more.